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Lunch Menu

Signature Sandwiches

Le Brunch Signature sandwiches are served on your choice of sliced white or granary bread, soft baton white or wholemeal or 10” tortilla wrap.
Sandwich Description Price
Classic Ploughman’s Ham, cheddar cheese, Branston pickle, cherry tomatoes. £3.50
Turkey Club Sliced turkey, brie, cranberry and homemade coleslaw. £3.80
ADD Smoked Bacon +50p
Chicken Tikka Delight Chicken breast, marinated in our homemade tikka sauce with a mint & cucumber yoghurt dressing topped with mixed salad. £3.50
Mediterranean Veggie Crumbled feta, humous, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes mixed salad leaves & olives. £3.50
The Holy Cow Roast beef, topped with horseradish, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and mixed leaves. £3.60
The Ultimate New Yorker Gammon ham, sliced black peppered pastrami, mustard mayo, gherkin, peppers & mixed leaf salad. £4.10
Mexican BLT Grilled bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, mayo and Tabasco sauce. £3.95
Club Sandwich Triple decker with fresh grilled chicken & bacon, homemade coleslaw, mayo, lettuce & fresh tomato. £4.10
Warrington Wolves Strips of hot roast beef, grilled mushrooms, onion and peppers topped with cheddar cheese. Designed by Lee Briers. £4.10
Extras Price
Homemade coleslaw +40p
Homemade humous +60p
Avocado +60p
Sliced egg +40p

House Salads & Wraps

Salad Description Price
Mexicana Salad Served on lettuce & mixed leaves. Cheddar cheese, mixed peppers, tomatoes, red onion, salsa, jalapeños and tortilla chips. £3.40
Tuna Nicoise Salad Served on lettuce & mixed leaves. Flakes of tuna, sliced egg, black olives, mixed peppers, baby plum tomatoes and a french vinagarette dressing. £3.80
Greek Salad Served on lettuce & mixed leaves. Crumbled feta cheese, black olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion & humous with balsamic vinegar. £3.80
Classic English Salad Served on lettuce & mixed leaves. Gammon ham, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mixed peppers, onions and a touch of mustard sauce. £3.40
Club Salad Served on lettuce & mixed leaves. Fresh grilled chicken & bacon, homemade coleslaw, fresh tomato, mixed peppers, cucumber & sweetcorn. £4.10
Spanish Wrap Chicken breast, spanish chorizo, sweet chillli & mature cheddar cheese. £3.60
Halloumi Heaven Wrap Grilled Halloumi, peppadew peppers, tomato, red onion and a touch of Tabasco sauce with fresh Rocket. £3.20

Create Your Own

Step 1 Choose Your Base
Base Description Price
Sliced White £2.00
Sliced Granary £2.00
White Soft Roll £2.10
Brown Soft Roll £2.10
10” Tortilla Wrap £2.10
Italian Ciabatta £2.60
Toasted Panini £2.50
French Baguette £2.50
Salad Bowl Healthy salad bowl with a choice of freshly made fillings. £2.60
Step 2 Choose Your Gourmet Filling
Filling Price
Gammon Ham +£1.00
Roast Turkey +£1.00
Chicken Breast £1.00
Sliced Pastrami +£1.20
Topside of Roast Beef +£1.20
Crispy Bacon +£1.00
Chicken Tikka +£1.20
Speciality Chicken +£1.30
Chorizo +£1.00
Add extra Bacon +50p
Add extra Cheese +40p
Add extra Sliced Egg +40p
Tuna Mayonnaise +90p
Flakes of Tuna +90p
Scottish Smoked Salmon +£1.20
Fresh Water Prawns +£1.20
Chunky Egg Mayo +70p
Mature Cheddar +70p
Cream Cheese +70p
Sliced Egg +70p
Feta +85p
Mozzarella +85p
French Brie +85p
Halloumi +85p
Step 3 Unlimited Salad
Salad Price
Iceberg lettuce, mixed leaves, rocket, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mixed peppers, roasted peppers, beetroot, sweetcorn, carrot. Free
Step 4 Premium Salad
Salad Price
Homemade Humous +40p
Cherry tomatoes +10p
Sliced black olives, Gherkin, Jalapenos +10p
Homemade Coleslaw +40p
Avocado +60p
Sliced Egg +40p
Premium Dressings
Dressing Price
Mint & Yoghurt Dressing +20p
Basil Pesto +20p
Salsa +20p
Free Condiments & Dressings

Chilli & lime mayo, salad cream, balsamic vinegar, mayo, french dressing, ceasar dressing, lemon juice, wholegrain mustard, english mustard, tabasco sauce, sweet pickle, cranberry, sweet chilli, hot chilli.